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“It is a great pleasure to write this review of Dr. Howard Choi’s work. My family and I came to Dr. Choi in desperation after getting multiple opinions on our then 14-year-old son’s very difficult orthodontics case. We had been told by numerous orthodontists in Colorado (including a statewide panel of experts) that the only way our son would be able to have even close to a normal bite and smile would be to have major jaw surgery. We kept hoping that there had to be a better way, but had nearly given up when we flew from Denver to Phoenix to see Dr. Choi on the recommendation of a friend. Dr. Choi carefully reviewed our son’s case, took great care to evaluate all the options, and talked to us (and to him) at length about all the issues. In the end, while he agreed that it was a very difficult case, he believed that he could accomplish the goal of an aligned smile without surgery. After numerous flights to Arizona from Colorado and now California, our now 17-year-old son has a wonderful, perfect smile! His personality is transformed, as is his mouth. We never could have imagined how great Dr. Choi would be, but we can sincerely say that we believe that he is the very best! If you are in doubt about whether to go and see him, please understand that our family considers him so excellent that we ‘commuted’ from Colorado and later from California just to have him continue our son’s care, and we would do it ALL again in a heartbeat! This recommendation could not possibly be a higher one!”

— Joe C.

“Before I begin, I’d like to clarify that I am a patient of Dr. Choi’s and have been since 8th grade (I am starting college now). He is my second orthodontist and he saved me from having jaw surgery. Before Dr. Choi became my orthodontist, I was in the middle of my treatment with my old orthodontist and I already had one year of having an expander, two years of braces, a retainer, and a year of a rubber-band mask. I was fortunate that my mother was questioning my old orthodontist’s methods as he already screwed up my sister’s face by making her lose her cheekbones, over-expanded her mouth, and made her mouth protrude in an unnatural way. After we saw the results that my sister had, we went searching for a new one. After many consultations, every orthodontist, and even the State Board of Orthodontics said that I needed to have jaw surgery when I turned 21 but I would ‘look funny’ up until I hit that age (my lower jaw would be made to protrude like a Neanderthal until surgery).

“Let’s just say we were not satisfied with those answers and we kept searching for an alternative to surgery. Finally, we found Dr. Choi. Let me remind you, I had an extremely difficult mouth to work with as it was a Class 3 Malocclusion, and adding to that difficulty was the fact that I was already past the optimal age for correct treatment. Fortunately, Dr. Choi knew exactly what to do and, over the course of four years, he fixed all the ‘damage’ that my previous orthodontist inflicted, WITHOUT having to do surgery. He made my cheekbones visible (instead of having a completely flat face), he fixed my horrifying underbite, fixed my vampiric canines, and made my mouth protrude MUCH less. Dr. Choi was the only orthodontist who had told me that he could avoid surgery and fix my mouth. He knows what he’s doing. If you ever need to trust someone with your son/daughter’s mouth (or your own mouth), trust Dr. Choi, because he is, by far, the best orthodontist and I’m not even finished yet!

“Not only is Dr. Choi an amazing orthodontist, but he’s extremely friendly and his staff is awesome. His assistants are gentle, unlike others that couldn’t care less about whether or not you’re in pain. This office is not some factory that churns kids in and out; he takes the time to talk to you and explain everything in such a way that even the most complicated things are made simple. I cannot tell you how happy I am with my treatment. This may be completely cliché, but Dr. Choi saved my mouth and he is even helping to fix the damage done to my sister’s mouth. This is the orthodontist to go to because I know that he will give you the best result.”

— Christopher C.